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09:15pm 15/10/2004

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05:18pm 14/10/2004

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drink up with me girl   
05:35pm 13/10/2004
mood: depressed

i love his music. he's was a complete genious. this world is shit without him. well the world is shit anyway but his music made it a little better.

i don't mean to sound like i want attention but i've been feeling really depressed. i don't know why. it's like nothing else matters. there is this song called JEALOUS GUY it's by John Lennon but Elliot Smith did a cover. it's like word for word thats exactly what i'm feeling, it's weird. i miss my dad much more than ever. today in art dan and I were talking about this guy he likes and that he might be going to iraq. he was saying stuff that he would be really sad and all of this stuff. but it's way more than that. he doesn't understand that it isn't just a feeling of sadness it's a depression. but thats only his boyfriend. i don't think he knows my father is over there. i don't think he would want to know. i don't know what i'm trying to say.

i'm sorry missy if you think i'm acting rude towards you or that i don't like you because i do. you're a good friend.i'm just feeling very distant from everyone right now. i guess i'm saying this because when you try to talk to me i usually brush you off or something like that. i don't know if you actually feel this way but i do and i felt like i should apologize.so sorry.

ashley, i don't really understand why you think i'm in such a bad mood all the time but now that i think of it i sometimes am. i'm sorry but i guess i don't realize when i'm in a bad mood or not. i really don't mean to have such a bad attitude all the time and i'm sorry if my attitude has made you feel, i don't know, like i don't want you as a friend or if it's made you realize you don't want me as a friend. i don't know what it made you feel but i am really sorry. but it really did hurt me when you said that i have a bad attitude infront of some people in chemistry,it made me feel like i'm not a good friend. it made me think that YOU THINK i'm just mooching off of you for rides or jsut for anything at all. and i'm sorry i haven't given you much money at all. i'll try and get some to pay you back. i promise you i will. i just forgot what i was going to say. i hope all of this makes sense to you becasue it really doesn't to me. i just had to tell you something. well you might not read this but thats okay, i just wanted to say it.

joe- why don't we talk anymore? did i say anything? was i mean? sorry that sometimes i'm mean but i really don't mean to be. i hope me and you can be friends again.


i have to cook dinner because my great uncle died. thats not why i have to cook it's just my mom isn't here so i have to do the cooking. am i sounding redundent?

it's getting darker outside. night time is a comforting time. well i made my christmas list last night. i put almost all of the nightmare before christmas things from hot topic on it.

i wish things were easier.

we had a heated and light hearted discussion about sex in multi media. we played the beep game also. i can't believe that last year i hated nate. he's my pal now. i found out shane wants to lose his virginity in the shower. thats nice.

i got such an adrenaline rush just discussing all the different topics that arose. god it was such a thrill.

i feel hypnotized.

i better leave.
oh you think you're so cool   
03:54pm 12/10/2004
mood: content
so let's see... hmm i didn't go to school today because my brother stayed home yesterday and it just wasn't fair. plus i negelcted my homework...

i talked to adriana and adam. so i guess ben shaved his head. stupid kid. i like long hair so now he won't be as cute as before. adam and i talked dirty to eachother,thats always nice.

alex and one of his friends are going to kemper center friday. or at least thats what he tells me. i wish i had my bowl, me and rachael are going to some haunted house out in the county this weekend.

so we got a new car. a van actually. it's pretty nice, my dad said that my mom has to let me drive it. i don't know if i really want to. i don't like big vehicles like that.

school was cool yesterday. i went to nash park and cheered on ben and shane. i do'nt see what's so difficult about skateboarding. i might be able to do it. maybe not. i don't know. and i found out i have a bad attitude about everything.oh nothing imparticular just everything. well isn't that something. oh well i guess i'm just a bad attitude kind of a girl. that must suck.

okay so i was watching matrix reloaded and the part when neo is talking to the old white man dressed in white totally just flew over my head. i mean he was using 5$ words i tell yah what. i was completely lost,geeze. and then the ending... who was that other guy they saved? i mean he was upside down and i couldn't tell who the hey hoe it was. confusing stuff.

there is so much more stuff i really want to say but i've told myself to let it go and so i will. but it would please me very much to say it but you know what? i won't. so i guess i'll end it right here.
11:52am 12/10/2004
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Have you ever gotten drunk? YES
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How many pairs of shoes do you have that actually fit? SIX I THINK
What size bra do you wear? 36 D
What pieces of jewlery do you wear everyday? MY 0 GAUGE PLUGS
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french fried potatoes   
08:35am 13/09/2004
mood: bored
i want some french fries right now but not the gross kind that are all soggy and such i want crunchy ones with ketchup. hmmm...
i'm in history and i'm possed to be doing a essay thing, i think i just heard someone fart. that'd be pretty disgusting. oh well people got to fart. i should really be doing my math homework but i refuse.
i played video games all this weekend and watched tv, it was so exciting. my dog ate all my chocolate that i bought friday, it pissed me off. but i wasn't going to eat those ones anyway becasue they were the gross kind.
we might be gettign a new car soon. the one my gramma gave us is leaking bad and the engine over heats and then smoke comes out of the front part. we're gettign this 30,000 dollar van thing with dvd player and heated seats, it's a little extreme but oh well. what ever my mom wants my mom gets. she said she has to cut back on our allowance which means i HAVE to get a job now.no one's hiring though and i can't work like across town or up by the highway becasue my mom won't drive me there, what a loser.
so ashley slept over friday night and i rented slc punk and jackass. i love jackass that was my most favortie show, while it was still on. but then people had to be all stupid and what not and ruined it for everyone else. you know what? so what. i don't care. slc punk has to be the greatest movie next to the anarchist cookbook. i'm not punk and i don't listen to the music but their really good movies. so call me a poser and fuckign die cause i don't care.
duh susie is wearing a shirt taht is the same color of my eyeshadow,she's a fuckign lame o she can die too.
i shaved my legs last night they are so smooth and delightful, you can touch them if you'd like.
i've decided to ask kevin to use his math homework becasue he is a nice guy and russ is a weird one and adam can fucking die and choke on his turkey neck. adam is such a prick i find it so interesting that he has friends, not to be mean btu i'm usually nice to him and he's just a dick to everyone. especially girls i think he's still in that girls are icky phase, your 16/ 17 i think you should grow out of it by now. or maybe he's gay. oh wouldn't that be delightful, a gay prick who likes to suck dick.
my hair has a big kink in it.
i think i'll quit smoking, i need to start running/ walking again because i'm disgusting. and in order to breathe properly i should really stop smoking because i heard that cigerettes give you lung cancer? but that might be just a rumor.
i'm yearnign for some of my coconut lotion, it just smells so good i can't stand it.
i think i've emptied all the thoughts out of my head and it's almost time to go...
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09:03pm 08/09/2004
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stupid chink slut bags   
04:13pm 07/09/2004
mood: contemplative
so whatever about ben i could care less. mm productions was so cool we watched maury and talked about random stuff and dogs. oh and the occasional put down of some black people but hey thats life. school was... uneventful but at least i got some homework out of it! it went by fast though and that was good i hope the whole year goes by like that. i need to find a job,BAD. i'm watching the wild thornberrys. i used to love that show, and spongebob. whatever happened to the little girl in me. i guess i ate her, along with her heart. caesy says i'm black inside and i said thanks but then he said i just had black lungs which made me frown so i told him he had a black heart and then he left. i'm... bored i guess. i'm feeling very contemplative. ashley was flashing her dirty pillows all over the school and acting like a slut chink that i know. just kidding i love you!! so i'm thinking i'll get some money wear a slutty top and go and get some cigs. sounds liek a plan right? i thought so. well i haven't got alot to say.
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09:43pm 06/09/2004
mood: anxious
i fucked up my ankle playing horeses with my mom. it orginally started out as horse but once i got up to h o r s e i decided we were playing horeseS as in plurarl. i won though, my mom said i cheated but she's just a hater.
i tried studing a little, i don't know if the studying i did do helped much but what can you do? i like my hair i just wish it was longer especially my bangs,fucker. i'm looking to smoke some before school so i hope ashley isn't late.my mom walks into my room and is like you can't burn incense, fuck that shit you cant tell me what to do woman. its cherry vanilla, theres no way i'm not burning that shit. it smells like heaven.
i have to take a shower so good night.
07:23pm 05/09/2004
mood: pissed off
i'm so fuckign pissed off. my mom went for a walk and passed the place where punk rock picnic was going on at and she says 'i saw ashley and stephanie and i could smell the alcohol from a block away' i don't fucking care. god why can't she just let me go and stop being evil. it fucking pisses me off,i have to stay in here while people are having fun. fuck that.
01:25pm 05/09/2004
mood: excited
oh man i just got drop dead fred. oh yeah that's the greatest movie. i'm so excited.

there letting my uncle out of the hospital today, he went in a couple days ago to get some tests done because his heart isn't to well. he smokes like a mo' fo' and eats like 10 cheeseburgers a day. he's not fat or anything because he's like 10ft tall, well not realyl but he's hekka tall. anyway we all want him to quit smoking but in the end it's his decision.

i drove around and almost got hit like twice, both times not my fault by the way.people really should stay away from my blind spot. but ANYWAY. i got some of that black hair dye and i'm going to dye it tomorrow while i study for my history quiz,fun fun.

i'm wearing a bra,i hate bras.but i have to wear them because guys ask me for WAAAY too many hugs when i'm not wearing one, is it because i'm mexican or becasue i'm braless? ashley what do you think? oh well...i saw butterfly effect last nigiht, i thought that it was a realyl good movie and the ending made me sad but in a good way.

i hope ashley didn't smoke all my fags i kinda wanted some on the way to school on tuesday. oh i was supposed to go to punk rock picnic today but my mom freaked out and said no. i don't want to argue because it won't get me anywhere. sorry ashley. maybe i'll have you come over and help dye my hair to make up for it.

i smell like coconuts.i smell so delicious. i have to take some pictures of my before i dye my hair again. i don't know why but it just feels right. i went out to lunch with my mom because my brothers went to bristol. the lunch wasn't that great but it was better than staying in my house all day. but its inevitable because i'm bond to spend the rest of the day here anyway so why try and fight it?

we went to walmart and my mom was looking at a chipandale's calender she's insane. she was going to buy it but then found this dog one. what a weirdo. man i realyl want to watch drop dead fred. but first i must put on my pajamas because they smell good and they are soft and comfy.my puppy is the cutest in the whole world. both of my doggies are the cutest but i think my puppy is cuter.hmmmm... well i haven't got much else to say so i guess i'll stop typing...
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03:28pm 04/09/2004
  so my mom said that if i can find a job and ask if they would fire me if i had my tounge pierced and my mom said if they said that they wouldn't fire me then i could get my tounge pierced and i had to pay for it. i'm excited, but i'm to lazy to go and look for some jobs. oh well i'll get over it. we were supposed to go to the movies today but i feel like shit so we're jsut renting some movies and staying in. i tried doing my math homework and i can't get this one part. it's a word problem type thing and i hate those, i'm trying not to psyche myself out and everything but i'm just scared that i'm going to mess this year up. maybe i'm putting too much pressure on myself of something but one things for sure, i need to get ben and his hot self out of my mind, i don't mean to sound like a stupid girl with a crush but thats what i am and thinking about him is screwing up my concentration. i'll get over it i know i will. i have to take a shower and brush some of my teeth. i hate my room when is messy its like i can't breathe whenever i'm in it. i guess i have to clean that too. i have a quiz tuesday which just reminded my of something so i have to go.  
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physics, oh man   
07:47pm 03/09/2004
  so yeah uh ben's in my physics, like i noticed. but whatever i don't care. uuuhhhh NOT he's so hot i couldn't stop staring. like starings a bad thing. i pray to god he never finds out my live journal name and reads everything i've written about me because that would be horrible. after school was really fun,smoked alot and rode in the back seat MOTHER FUCKER. so my head hurts and my wrist is glowing, GLOWING PURPLE. i love it. kevin is a psycho i don't care if you say thats just how he acts, it makes me feel uncomfortable, like when there are black people around me. i need to stop thinking about ben because its just stupid to do so cause i'll never be with him, friends maybe but i doubt it but never more. he likes those skanky hoes,the white sluts with big tits. but he's just so fucking hot. anyway ashley isn't allowed to say stuff about me saying stuff about ben because if she does i'll flick her in the ear,but i have to admoitt if there were pictures of ben on the internet you can guarentee i'll be looking at them, but until them ashley you can't say anything.today was alot of fun, even the part where i had to go to school. it just doesn't feel like summers over, i guess when i start to have more homework then it'll feel that way but it just doesn't now. i hope i don't fuck this year up because that would fucking suck. i need to do some homework and shit but i think i'll just do it tomorrow, who framed roger rabbit is on and there isn't anything on this earth that can take me from it. so go choke and die because i'm watching it.  
aaah not ER   
04:49pm 02/09/2004
mood: nauseated
oh man school was so great. ben barber dyed his hair black and he looks so damn good. oh god and he smiled at me and asked how my summer was. god i wanna fuck him so bad. then me and ashley were 'following' after school but it really wasn't following becasue for a little while he was behind us. but anyway he's so hot. ty's hair is longer, i like it that way. oh my fucking god psycho boy walked past my class like five times. WHAT THE FUCK! i swear to god i'll cut him. he fucking graduated why would he come back, fucking loser. he looks exactly the same, it disgusts me. any way my classes are cool, i hope i have one with ben tomorrow but i doubt it. but i might have r and d with him tomorrow but i shouldn't get my hopes up. i didn't eat lunch because the lines were hekka long. so i ate wendy's that was good. i watched BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD again today. that is the greatest,you all have to see if because if you doub't i'll cut you, i mean it, i'm a beanah i'm capable of cutting my own mutha. m m productions is fucking retarded, i swear that man is so fucking boring.yeah so ben's hekka hot. i am so tempted to dye my hair back to black. i don't know.
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you must die, i alone am best   
06:37pm 01/09/2004
mood: crappy

so school is tomorrow, isn't that grand. i dyed my hair last night and then again today, its greenish. theres one party in my head thats greener than the rest. it doesn't look that great but i don't care.

i have a feeling in the pit of my stomach like i'm going to puke, maybe it was the chicken i just ate, it wasn't all that good. i'm excited for school in a way i guess, i couldn't tell you why thought. i like to keep people guessing.

people keep on callign and then hanging up. bastards.

i watched deuces wild today and cried. do you ever just watch sad movies to cry becasue you're really sad or upset about something and just the fact that you're angry isn't enough to make you cry so you watch sappy movies? did anything of what i just said make any sense?

god i want to puke.

went shopping yesterday, hot topic, shoplifted at kohls, thrift store, and the dungeon. a whole lot of fun.


i did nothing all day,i didn't have plans to do anything anyway, so i guess it worked out for everyone.my dog looks like its walking on high heels. what a fag.

i saw adam at a uh music store i don't remember which one, he wanted to shake my hand but i said oh no and pressed my lucious breastess against him,i think he liked that better.

my mom came home all pissed off and what not, it's better now. she asked about my hair i said its temporary and she said she liked it. that 's the first time she's ever complimented me on anything as long as i remember. it made me want to cry. i don't get compliments. i'd like them though in case you were ever in the mood to be nice to someone just tell my i have cool shoes or you want to sleep with my hair, that'd make me smile.

my ass hurts like a bitch. it feels like someone bum fucked me in my sleep. fucking bum fuckers. my mouth tastes like rotting ass, wait that's a little too intense it just tastes bad. yeah thats better. again i think it's the chickens fault. i don't want to wake up tomorrow. maybe god will like me and let me die in my sleep.

some one comment, i am terribly bored and need something to do, like read a nice comment.

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11:26pm 28/08/2004
  a little man in a pink skirt just ate my rocket pop  
10:01pm 19/08/2004

sunflower seeds   
07:58am 10/05/2004
  i'm eating sunflower seeds that were left over from the movies yesterday. they're good but i'm sort of making a mess with them. oh well thats me.

i shouldn't be allowed to like boys and boys shouldn't like me because i always mess things up with them. i think it's becasue i only wantto be with one guy. and before i didn't know who that guy was but now i do and no one else knows and i like it that way.less drama that way. i'd rather keep it to myslef then let my friends know because who knows? maybe they like him or don't like him. i just don't want to know. so it's my secret.

i have to go. i'll finish this later.
06:02pm 08/05/2004
  i went to common grounds today and we talked for like two hours we got there at like 3 30 and i jsut got home like 20 minutes ago. we got to know eachother a little better but i don't see us having a relationship together other than being really good friends. he is such a great person and he's fun to be around but i just feel like we're better off friends. so i do'nt want to lead him on so i guess i'll just bring it up somehow and mention i want to be friends. some people are going to be dissapointed when they read this or find out about it but at least i'm not getting a sick feeling in my stomach about him. but i want to be friends and things are just so hectic around my house lately. it's just to much to be involved wit hsomeone and to have to give them atention and still have to give attention to all of the other things going on. i jsut don't feel i can give enough attention to whoever i'd be with. oh well. i'm just not ready for a relationship.

rachael called me on the way home and i was driving past her cousin's house and waved to her mom coming out of the driveway.i came home and rachael came over. i might go over there later tonight cause they're have a bon fire. good fun, bonfires.

my mom has been doing alot and really none of us have been helping out. i help sometimes but not enough as i could. but alex he doesn't do anything. he just sits on his lazy ass and doesn't listen to anyone.he just doesn't realize. he pisses me off so much. but he won't listen to mom or grampa or anyone. thats really going to come back and bite him in the ass.i really need to help out more.

i miss my dad so much. i just want him to come home soon.we need him here. my mom slaved in the kitchen most of the day making him cookies to send over there.

elle just called i told her about alex. she thinks i'm making a good desicion. i'm so luck she's my friend. she's so understanding. i feel bad for some of the comments i made about her and the guys she's been with. i feel liek a horrible friend. but elle doesn't think so.

i'm watching mad tv. that show is well a funny show. wouldn't say it's the best but its funny.
pickles and peanut butter m&ms   
05:11pm 06/05/2004
  okay i was walking back to class after lunch and i found peanut butter m&ms in my sweatshirt pocket. it was like a little happy surprise that puts a little smile on your face. i gave adriana some moola and she got me a chick falay samich and there weren't any pickles on it. i was a little sad but the samich was good anyway.

my little brother nicky is weird. he's wearing my moms shoes and won't take them off. hmmm. and he wears a skirt... not really but he's still weird.

i need to finish my memory book. but the friends finale is on tonight. three hours of friend. oh boy i can't wait. man i'm so excited.so i don't think i'll finish the book tonight. but i'll try.

so i had to ride the bus today. the only day out of the whole week. and it was beautiful outside all day and just for the five minutes taht i was walking it rained. man did that suck. and stupid cars honking. and will flipping me off and laughing like an idiot. LIKE I CARE. anyway it wasn't raining that bad but still i could've done with out it.

tuesday night was so much fun. at least i thought so. elle was over after school and we made some supper and then went over by ashley's . then all three of us were just driving around and we went in elle's new house. and we passed this little private garden and i stole a flower. it was exlirerating. yeah pretty sure i didn't spell tha right. then me and ashley played in the playground and it was fun. then elle got all lame when we met james. it's pathetic...

but i'm about to watch this thing about friends. yes no need to tell me i know i'm lame.

until next time.